PhD Nutrition 1000ml Shaker Cup

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Product Overview

What is PhD 1000ml Super Shaker?

The PhD 1000ml super shaker is the ideal accompaniment to any of our PhD Mass and Strength shakes. It is particularly useful for our Advanced Mass shake, due to the large serving size.

The mixer ball works on the same principle as a wire whisk. Made out of electro-polished stainless steel, it circulates throughout the contents of the bottle as you shake, blending the thickest ingredients with ease. Lumpy shakes and cooking mixtures are a thing of the past with the mixer ball. The flip cap stays where you need it and it's just the right size to drink directly from. No plastic mixing mesh means it's easy to clean.

PhD 1000ml Super Shaker Benefits

  • The Larger shaker is perfect for mass gaining powders which require more water.
  • Enjoy lump free perfectly blended mass gaining shakes without compromising on serving size.

How to use PhD 1000ml Super Shaker

Simply add your ingredients - shake and drink.

Suggested Use
Directions For Use

For creamy lump free simply add your ingredients drop the wire ball in - shake and drink.

2 Reviews

Ok as a basic shaker, but annoyingly a recess in the cap to secure the lid, has a habit of collecting unmixed powder in a claggy clump.... also occasionally powder ends up at the spout too.

Marc Davies


Big one greater capacity for hydrating