Advanced Mass + ZMA Bundle

Advanced Mass + ZMA Bundle

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Key Benefits
  • Includes a 2.7kg bag of Advanced Mass Powder
  • Ideal for anyone looking to increase size, strength and power
Product Information

The Advanced Mass Bundle is a supplement package designed for mass gainers who wish to start or continue their muscle development process. To achieve this the pack contains Adavanced Mass Powder and ZMA Capsules

Product 1: Advanced Mass Powder1140 calories per serving, as well as up to 193g of carbohydrates coming mainly from healthy oats.

PhD Advanced Mass utilises a 4-stage protein blend that includes whey protein isolate and whole egg, delivering a huge 50g protein per serving.

Product 2: ZMA Capsules: Shown to support healthy testosterone levels and aid in efficient energy metabolism.

ZMA® is an all-natural and extremely popular sports nutrition aid to be used before going to sleep to maximise effects.

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