Omega 3 & Fish Oils

Omega 3 & Fish Oils

Looking after your overall health is a vital part of achieving your fitness goals. Whether you’re training for an endurance event, or just want to improve your wellbeing, taking an omega 3 supplement has numerous science-backed benefits. From lowering blood pressure to preventing harmful blood clots, omega 3 fish oil is an ideal way to get your daily intake of this essential supplement. To discover the health benefits of omega 3, shop the PhD range of soft gel supplements.

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Omega 3 Fish Oils

Look after your heart health

Even if you follow a designated meal plan, it can be difficult to regularly eat enough oily fish to look after your joints, bones, and most importantly - your heart. Taking a fish oil supplement can support heart health by regulating your blood pressure, lowering lower triglycerides, raising good cholesterol and helping to prevent blood clots. To benefit from the anti-inflammatory effects of fish oil, why not add omega 3 to your supplementation routine today? 

Supports bones and joints

It’s no secret that regular high-intensity training can have a damaging effect on your bones and joints. If your diet is light in fatty fish, our range of omega 3 supplements has been expertly formulated to give your body the daily dose it needs. From supporting muscle recovery to increased concentration, omega 3 can help to support your overall wellbeing and keep you performing at your peak. 

If you’re looking to really invest in your health, we offer a wide range of multivitamins here at PhD. From vitamins for bones and joints to gut health supplements, we’re here to help you be your very best.

Discover PhD omega 3 supplements

Our wide range of nutrition products has been expertly developed to help you stay at the top of your game, from multi vitamins and minerals to the perfect high protein snacks! From immune boosting vitamins to gut health supplements, unlock your full potential and discover the benefits of PhD omega 3 today.