Innovation is at the very heart of the PhD brand, it, is the reason we exist. Back in 2006 when the brand was established, the world of sports nutrition was very different and stale, PhD was created to change all that. From the intelligent and clean packaging, the market-leading taste and formulations based on smart nutritional science, PhD put innovation in taste and results at the very top of our list of things we simply had to do. Here‚ is just a few examples of how we changed the game and continue to do so:


Synergy Iso7: The worlds first great-tasting all-in-one powder containing 35 grams of protein and a number of other performance driven ingredients like Creatine, Glutamine and BCAA. Synergy Iso7 exploded onto the market in January 2007 and has never stopped being a true favourite for time-sensitive gym-goers looking for everything they need to recover after a workout, in one great-tasting shake.


Diet Whey: Before PhD, there was no such thing as Diet Protein. After PhD launched Diet Whey in 2009, every brand and his dog had one. But none of them have come close to beating PhD Diet Whey- the original and best Diet Whey on the market. Packed full of quality protein, including Whey and Micellar Casein, Diet Whey is available now in some 13 flavours and is a best seller through UK retail, super markets, gyms and through our growing business in the Middle East and China. A product that truly defines a genre.


Greens pH7: The first British Sports Nutrition brand to venture into plant based nutrition, PhD launched Greens pH7 at the Body Power expo in 2012. Within 4 weeks, other leading brands had their own version or copy. We always looked at it this way, Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery‚ so we're pleased to help these other brands out with our innovation.


Protein Superfood: Following on from our move into great performing plant nutrition we launched Protein Superfood. This was our plant and vegan answer to Synergy Iso7: All you need within one great powder. Containing 28 grams of protein per serving, along with a whole spectrum of amazing wholefoods, greens, berries and plant-based ingredients, Protein Superfood raised the game in quality plant-based performance nutrition.


Smart Bar: PhD have always produced great protein bars, but by 2016, our offerings were a little behind the competition. So we decided to get ahead of the competition with a bar that tastes so unbelievably good that you would not believe it delivered 20 grams of protein and less than 2 grams of sugar. The Smart bar was born and launched to an eager audience at Body Power 2017. From the first person who tried a sample, to the last, feedback was unequivocal- this is the best tasting protein bar on the market- Once more, we had helped move the category forward.



Smart Protein: Protein powder isn't just used to make a shake anymore, gym goers want to bake with it, make mousse with it, add it to pancakes, make waffles with it- the list of possibilities are endless as long as the macronutrients stack up and put performance first. PhD noticed that consumer demand was changing from the traditional shake format, into something that worked well for shakes, but also allowed more versatility, so we created Smart protein. Smart Protein is primarily a mix for making a high protein, low sugar mousse, but can also be used in a more traditional manner to make a great-tasting protein shake.


Smart Bar Plant: Anticipating the growth of a flexitarian approach to eating, PhD has utilised plant protein within our range of performance nutrition products for nearly a decade. We believe in great nutrition to fuel great performance and we always recognised the benefit that high-quality plant protein can provide the performance driven gym-goer. Embracing consumers appetite for a wider choice and off the back of the huge success of our Smart Bars, plant-based protein bars were the natural next step for PhD. The problem however, with plant-based protein bars through history, have been three-fold: not enough protein, too much sugar and poor taste. So, we set off on a long journey to create a great tasting plant protein bar that delivers where its predecessors didn't. After a huge amount of testing, reformulation and re-testing, we've finally succeeded! Smart Bar Plant is here and it‚ is a game changer for plant-based performance nutrition.
Whether you're vegan, flexitarian, plant-based or simply looking for a great tasting, high protein snack. Smart Bar Plant delivers on all macro levels without compromising on taste. Plant just got Smart.