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5 Reasons To Use Protein Powder

5 reasons to use protein powder

5 reasons to use protein powder – Protein powder has come a long way since the first clumpy, grainy products hit the market in the bodybuilding heyday. Our protein powders are a shining example of how food can be ultra-convenient, cost effective, and super tasty!

And protein powder is definitely not just for bodybuilders. In fact, we believe everyone should include a good protein powder in their daily diet, whether they train in a gym, do endurance sport, or don’t train at all.

After all, protein is the foundation of lean muscle mass, healthy bone tissue, and a robust immune system.

Every “body” needs protein – so everybody could use a protein powder!

Here are 5 reasons to use protein powder (that have nothing to do with getting hench)

Increase your muscle mass

Most people associate muscle with training, but the truth is having plenty of dense muscle mass is really important for everyone. Muscle tissue boosts your metabolic rate, helps circulate blood and oxygen around the body, supports your entire physical structure, and will help you age better.

Did you know that we naturally lose muscle mass at a rate of 3-5% a decade after the age of 30? Imagine what that means for people with less muscle mass to begin with.

By supplementing with a protein powder, you’ll give your body the quality protein and amino acids it needs to build and maintain muscle mass, keeping you ahead of the natural ageing process.

Build bone density

The ageing process isn’t kind on our bone tissue either – we all lose bone density as we get older, and this is particularly prevalent in women.

Eating enough protein in your daily diet has big benefits for the cells that create bone tissue. Supplementing with a protein powder will help you get enough protein, which will make it easier to maintain that important bone mass. Combined with resistance training, you’ll be stronger and more resilient at every age! (1)

Manage your appetite

If you’re constantly hungry, it’s really difficult to manage your weight. A healthy, nutritious diet does more than give you the nutrients your body needs. It also helps fill you up so you can manage cravings and focus on eating the right things at the right time.

Protein reduces levels of ghrelin – the hunger hormone – in your body, and increases levels of peptide YY which makes you feel full. (2)

Protein has the highest thermic effect of food (TEF) of any macronutrient. This means that it boosts your metabolic rate, and keeps you feeling fuller and more satisfied – even though it has the same low calories are carbohydrates (4 calories per gram). (3)

Maintain weight loss

If you’ve worked hard to get to a healthy weight, you’ll want to find easy daily hacks to help you stay there. Protein powder is one of the easiest additions to your day.

A higher protein diet boosts your metabolic rate (even at rest), will help manage cravings, and usually leads to a lower total calorie intake over the day. Protein powder is a no-fuss way to boost your protein intake with minimal carbohydrates or fats. (4)

Easy nutrition

The more serious you get about training, the more you’ll be aware of what you’re eating. And as you try to nail down your macros, you’ll be grateful for any easy ways to hit those numbers.

The bottom line is protein powder is a very easy, healthy, convenient and cost-effective way to get enough protein in your daily diet.

Protein isn’t something you can load up on, or leave for another day. Our bodies don’t store protein the way they store sugars and carbohydrates. You really do need to get sufficient protein every day if you want a strong, healthy body.

One scoop of PhD 100% Whey or 100% Plant will give you around 22g protein for less than 100 calories. We think that’s the easiest, tastiest way to bump up your protein so you can train hard and have your goal body.

Check out our complete range of protein powders and plant-based protein powders today.


Nicola is a specialist freelance copywriter for the fitness industry @thefitwriter