Coffee Cream Protein Cups 

Serves 6 

Calories 217

Protein 10g

Fat 11g

Carbs 18g



150g milk chocolate 

120g 0% greek yogurt 

1 scoop Diet Whey White chocolate flavour 

1 tsp instant coffee powder 

2 tsp honey 

1 smart Bar, Dark chocolate mocha 



1. Melt 100g of milk chocolate and pour between 6 silicone cupcake moulds. Tilt each mould so that the chocolate covers the sides too. 

2. Place in the freezer for 5 minutes to set. 

3. Meanwhile, dissolve the coffee powder in 2 tsp boiling water, add to a bowl with the yogurt, protein powder and honey. Mix until creamy and combined. 

4. Cut the protein bar into 6 big chunks and 6 smaller slices (for decoration). 

5. Spoon the yogurt between the 6 chocolate moulds then press 1 chunk of the protein bar into the centre. 

6. Melt the remaining chocolate and spoon over the top of each cup. 

7. Place in the fridge to set.