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Expert tips to make fat loss easier

Dieting for most people is hard. Hunger can be frustrating and difficult to manage. Check out our 5 expert tips to make fat loss easier to help you reach your goal weight.

1 Food volume.

Make sure your meals still look large even as your calories come down. If you end up eating tiny meals, you will struggle to feel satiated on a physical or psychological level. Use high-volume, low-calorie foods to create larger meals like salads, stir fries, and smoothies.

2 Green vegetables.

Whether you like them or not, use green vegetables to help you stick to your fat loss diet. All green vegetables and leafy greens are low in calories, high in fibre, and high in water. And they deliver important micronutrients during what could be a restrictive diet phase.

3 Protein shakes.

A quality protein shake will be your secret weapon during a fat loss diet. It will give you much-needed protein without carbohydrates and fats, so you can get the protein you need without excess calories. A protein shake will also give your taste buds a sweet treat. PhD’s Diet Whey is specially formulated with fat burning ingredients such as CLA, l’carnitine and green tea extract to help you reach your goal weight. Each serving contains only 91 calories with perfect post workout or as a snack during the day. You could also reduce your daily caloric intake by replacing a meal with PhD’s Diet Whey Lean MRP. It contains a complete blend of vitamins and minerals providing you with a low calorie high protein balanced meal, perfect for on the go on when you’ve missed the food shop!

Expert tips to make fat loss easier

4 Make it simple.

A big part of dieting for fat loss is the mental battle. Remove everything from your environment that could encourage cravings. Stick to simple meals that you will enjoy. Plan your food at least the day beforehand, and learn the valuable skill of meal prep and batch cooking.

5 Go-to meals.

Have two or three breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that fit your fat loss calories and keep you satiated. This simple approach reduces decision-fatigue and helps cut down the amount of time you need to spend in the kitchen.

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