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Smart Protein™

Over the past few years there has been a shift in how gym goers choose to consume their protein. Whilst the majority of us still use the no-nonsense approach of drinking their protein shakes, it’s clear that a lot of consumers pursuing a lean & functional lifestyle are seeking new & creative ways of getting their protein hit as opposed to just drinking it. The beauty of Smart Protein™ is that it allows you to do both.

Protein pancakes, waffles, brownies, bakes, mousses, muffins, you name it, the fitness community is eating it. However, finding a protein powder to use in recipes has proved a challenge for many:

“It doesn’t rise properly when baking”
“The protein denatures with heat”
“It’s a little clumpy when mixed”
“It’s still a bit chalky in texture”
“It tastes poor”

With this in mind, PhD created a product that is tailor made to be highly versatile, macro friendly, whilst being unsurpassable on taste, they call it Smart Protein™.

The huge versatility of Smart Protein means it can be used in many formats including:

  • Mousse it! Whip it into a tasty high protein mousse, perfect to curb your sweet tooth!
  • Get creative! Step up the protein and flavour by taking your morning oats to the next level with Smart Protein.
  • Bake it! Create delicious protein packed cakes and treats. Also amazing in waffles, pancakes, brownies and much more! You can even use our indulgent & functional bars and snacks as toppings (Smart Bar™ and Smart Bar™ Nut Butter)
  • Shake it! Simply mix it into a shake and drink it. Suitable for pre or post-workout or anytime when you need a high protein pick-me up.


What makes it Smart?

With a massive 19g protein and less than 1g of sugar coming in at under 116 calories per serving, Smart Protein is an essential, macro friendly addition to your kitchen cupboard!

Available in 4 amazing flavours: Salted Caramel, Lemon Drizzle Cake, Chocolate Brownie, Peanut Butter Cup

Smart Protein surpasses all taste expectations and is also available in a vegan option Smart Protein Plant.

smart protein

Make the Smart Choice.

Holly Archer

Holly is a Health & Performance Nutritionist at PhD