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Train Like An Olympian

Summer is approaching, and athletics season is around the corner. Why not draw some inspiration from PhD Athlete Asha Philip’s leg workout to help develop explosive power? It’s always important to keep our body guessing and therefore adapting so we can push forwards and achieve our fitness goal.

  Exercise Sets Reps
A Warm Up Drills & Mobility 5-10 mins
Note: Raise HR and increase blood flow
2 rounds of the below;
B Single Arm KB Squat with Pause 2 6
Note: Control the squat, pause at the bottom, engage core
C Barbell RDL’s 2 6
Note: Keep back in neutral position, control eccentric, weight through heels
D Single Leg Box Jumps 2 8
Note: Explosive jumps onto box, land in squat position
E Reverse Barbell Lunges 2 10
Note: Engage core at all times, reverse lunge, then drive back up
F Dumbbell Lateral Lunges 2 6
Note: Hold dumbbells into the anterior delt and lunge laterally, then drive back to the centre
G Loaded Press Ups 2 5
Note: Push up with plate loaded onto your back
H Isometric Adductor Holds 3 6 seconds
Note: Squeeze either machine or med ball with knees. Max tension for 6 secs
I Single Arm Dumbbell Rows 3 8
Note: Drive the elbow back explosively, control the eccentric
Josh Beet

Josh is an Online Fitness Trainer & qualified Sports & Exercise Therapist Bsc (Hons)