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  • Distance: 510km (317 miles)
  • Location: Yukon (Canada)
  • Water temperatures: 9°C (48°f)
  • No stopping, sleeping or touching land

June 2024: Ultra-marathon endurance swimmer Ross Edgley has successfully completed the world’s longest non-stop river swim, swimming 510km without stopping, sleeping or touching land. The challenge was completed over 62 hours in Yukon, Canada. Supported by PhD Nutrition, the record signifies a momentous achievement for both Ross and the field of sports science, setting new parameters on the limits of the human body.

Edgley took to Yukon River, leaving Whitehorse on Lake Laberge on Sunday 16th June, and finishing in Dawson City on 19th June. Throughout the challenge, Ross overcame an array of challenges ranging from sleep deprivation (Ross was awake for 60+ hours) to water temperatures 9°c (48°f). Swimming in the planet’s most remote regions, Edgley accounted not only the mental and physical demands of such a challenge, but the need to manage external factors such as bears, wolves, white water rapids, log jams and even forest fires. 

Following his setting of the world record, Ross commented, “The success of this swim feels especially significant given it is pioneering research into the body’s ability to overcome sleep deprivation, freezing water and so many more factors. The sheer number of hours, days, months and years we have devoted make the record feel unique and I cannot wait to celebrate with my team”. 

Ross’s world record is the culmination over 2 years of sports science research, taking Ross and his team from the lab to a multitude of destinations including Loch Ness where he completed a 53 hours swim in water as cold as 5°c to Lake Trasimeno where he completed a 107km swim in temperatures exceeding 45 °c. Ahead of Yukon, Ross also completed a 140km pool swim in Mallorca, made possible a nutrient-dense diet support by PhD Nutrition and comprising of Super Greens, multi-vitamins, Omega 3, Nootropics and Vitamin D3. Ross’s extreme, nutrient rich diet is in itself a feat for the human digestive system, Edgley working closely with the PhD Nutrition team through his challenges to evaluate the true limits of the human body. As Ross’ official nutrition partner, PhD supported him with the immense mental fortitude required to attempt the challenge and equipped him with PhD products to meet the extensive nutritional needs. Ross consumed a mix of: 

  • PhD Smart Bars – Consuming an optimal amount of protein (1.6-2.0 body weight) represents a key nutritional priority for supporting muscle mass maintenance and preventing muscle mass loss during the challenge. The PhD Smart Bar provides 20g of high-quality protein that contributes to achieving this optimal protein intake.  
  • PhD Super greens – Consuming sufficient vitamins, minerals and polyphenols plays a key role in supporting physical performance, as well as supporting overall health and immunity, all of these being key priorities during the challenge. Supergreens is a rich source of all these nutrients and is particularly important given the reduced access that Ross has to vegetables and fruits during the challenge.    
  • PhD Smart breakfast – Rich source of protein, which is required to support muscle mass. Probiotics content also contributes to a healthy digestive tract; key given the high amounts of carbohydrates consumed by Ross. Also contains essential vitamins and minerals which contribute to daily nutrient requirements as highlighted for Supergreens.  

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Team PhD
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