Ross Edgley Sets Out on a Second Attempt at the World’s Longest Continuous Swim

PhD athlete, ultra-marathon runner, ocean swimmer, and author, Ross Edgley, is preparing for an extraordinary challenge. After a previous attempt at the longest ever lake swim in Loch Ness, Ross is gearing up to break the record once again. Supported by PhD Nutrition and Gymshark, this remarkable endeavour will be captured in a captivating content series, showcasing the entire journey from start to finish. In this blog post, we delve into the details of Ross Edgley’s upcoming record-breaking swim and highlight the critical role of science, nutrition, and mental fortitude in achieving such a remarkable feat. 


Ross Edgley’s Epic Challenge: 

Ross Edgley has set his sights on conquering the world’s longest continuous swim, covering a gruelling 171km in Lake Trasimeno, Italy. This extraordinary undertaking will test his endurance as he swims day and night, aiming to complete one of the most intense swimming challenges ever attempted. Building on his previous attempt in Loch Ness in September 2022, where he swam for an impressive 53 hours, Ross is determined to overcome the obstacles and achieve his goal. This time, he will benefit from the insights gained from his earlier experience and will be supported by a team of leading experts, including Professor James Morton, PhD’s Director of Performance Solutions. 

PhD Nutrition, a trusted partner in Ross Edgley’s journey, will document this incredible challenge through an emotive content series. The series will offer viewers a behind-the-scenes look at Edgley’s rigorous training regime and shed light on the crucial relationship between science and performance. Through this partnership, viewers will gain unique insights into the preparation required and the immense mental fortitude needed to tackle a challenge of this magnitude. While the picturesque location and stunning surroundings of Lake Trasimeno may seem glamorous, Ross’s training will primarily consist of monotonous late-night swims and countless hours of rigorous testing. 


The Role of Nutrition and Support: 

Throughout Ross Edgley’s awe-inspiring journey, his team will work tirelessly to support him every step of the way. PhD Nutrition will utilize their industry-leading expertise and innovative nutritional solutions to ensure Ross’s mental and physical requirements are met throughout the attempt. This collaboration emphasizes the importance of optimal nutrition in achieving exceptional performance and serves as a testament to the synergy between science and athletic success. 


Ross Edgley’s Message: 

Ahead of the challenge, Ross Edgley expressed his excitement, stating, 

 “I’m excited, world record attempt No.2 and nine months since leaving the hospital. This will officially be the longest, unassisted, non-stop, open water swim in history, and will all be done in the name of ocean conservation as we finish what we started in Loch Ness, Scotland.”  

Ross’s commitment to raising awareness for ocean conservation underscores his passion for both athletic achievement and environmental preservation. 


The Journey Unfolds: 

For those eager to witness Ross Edgley’s remarkable feat. The series will be an immersive experience into the incredible challenge and the triumph of the human resilience. You can watch the episodes below.  


Episode 1:


Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Episode 4: