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Summer Hydration Hacks

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It’s getting hot out there and we know our summer hydration hacks will help you.  Hydration is a key component for your health, fitness and overall wellbeing. Sufficient hydration is essential to almost anything you do!

This is even more important during summer when exercising in hot temperatures. It might seem obvious to drink water regularly, but a lot of athletes will not be drinking enough to sufficiently fuel their bodies for maximum performance. To avoid dehydration and risking serious health issues, it is important to drink enough fluids throughout the day and during your training.

Find out how much water you should be drinking here.

If you are struggling to drink enough water over the course of the day, try one of our refreshing hacks to stay on top of your hydration.

#1 Infused water

Why not give your water a bit of a twist? If plain water is too boring for you, add fruit such as strawberries, watermelon, grapefruit, oranges or lime. You can also add some freshness to your water by infusing it with cucumber or mint leaves. For that extra cooling effect, freeze the fruit and vegetables before adding it to your water bottle.

#2 Switch to coconut water

A great alternative to water is coconut water, as it is very hydrating and contains electrolytes, sodium and potassium. Coconut water helps you to replenish the electrolytes lost through sweat during exercise. For an extra boost mix coconut water with PhD’s Intra BCAA+ providing the necessary fuel for training whilst supplying you with the essential branched-chain amino acids.

#3 Turn your intra workout into a popsicle

Refresh after your workout with a delicious and cooling BCAA popsicle! (Link to full recipe here). Mix your favourite BCAA with water, pour into popsicle moulds, add some fruit pieces and put in the freezer for a few hours. Enjoy after your next workout session!

#4 Put a fresh spin on your post-workout drink

Instead of just drinking your favourite BCAA’s, take your summer hydration to the next level and get creative with a tropical mocktail. How about a BCAA Pineapple Mojito?  In a blender add 1-2 scoops of Mojito plant BCAA with coconut water, ice cubes and pineapple and mix well. Pour into a glass and decorate with a few pineapple pieces.

#6 Refresh with iced protein

The perfect treat after an intense workout session? Your favourite protein as a frozen treat – either as protein ice cream or as a delicious iced protein Smoothie using our refreshing Clear Whey  – delivering the perfect amount of protein for your recovery and summer feeling.

Need a coffee fix then try the following: mix a scoop of Smart Protein Chocolate Brownie with milk, coffee and vanilla syrup and pour over ice.


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Amy is our very own content manager and has been a sportswoman for over 18 years playing rugby and netball up to a national level, she has been a qualified personal trainer for 6 years and further her nutritional knowledge with a diploma in sports and exercise nutrition as well a psychology degree. She has been training in a gym and weightlifting for over 10 years and competed in her first body building competition this year. She continues to learn and improve her training in order to reach her goals. She believes in both the physical and mental advantages of sport and fitness as well as a balanced diet and lifestyle. In her spare time, Amy enjoys playing sport, socialising with friends, and fuelling her shopping addiction to gym wear. She can be found here –