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The Importance of Goal Setting

“With no plan, there’s no clear purpose.”

Have you ever found yourself feeling overwhelmed in the gym when you aren’t quite sure what you’re shooting towards? Going through the motions, scrolling through your phone and taking way too much time in-between each set?

We can end up wasting a lot of time and become ineffective in the gym if we have no plan, which can lead to frustration. Goals create a ladder of opportunity which can be never-ending if you possess the mindset entirely.

When we speak about goals, we need to put it into context too.

One of the first things we should do is break our goals into macro and micro.
For example, the macro goal could be; ‘I want to lose 1 stone’. The micro goals are smaller goals that are segmented achievements which contribute towards the macro, for example; ‘each week I’m going to lose 1 pound’.

The micro goals are key to longevity, because they constantly reinforce success and it helps drive our self-esteem whilst on the mission to achieving the macro goal. When we solely look at the macro goal, there’s a consistent feeling of almost failure because it may feel so far away.

This system of goal setting is exactly why the gym lifestyle can be so beneficial to us and our state of mind. This methodology can transcend into our life, relationships, jobs and other goals outside of the gym. It can quickly become a way of life where we can start to map out our days, weeks and months and in some cases for the year with our micro and macro goal setting strategy. With this we always have something to strive towards and improve on.

We can summarise this in 3 simple steps:

    1. Establish the problem or barrier
    2. Calculate the process through micro and macro goals
    3. Get to work!

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Josh Beet

Josh is an Online Fitness Trainer & qualified Sports & Exercise Therapist Bsc (Hons)