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Your 24-hour Supplement Guide

your 24-hour supplement guide

Support your body from wake-up to bedtime with your 24-hour supplement guide  – all you need to know about a day’s supplement intake.


Set your body up for an active day of training. Creatine is one of the most well-researched and clinically supported sports supplements, and it’s a no-brainer if your training goals are strength, power, or sports performance. Most people take their daily dose of creatine in the morning, simply because it’s easy to remember. Try PhD’s Micronised Pharmaceutical Creatine Powder in Fruit Punch or Orange & Mango for a fruity start to your day.


Make sure your breakfast has a good serving of protein. Whey protein (or a plant-based protein powder) is a great choice because it contains a wide spectrum of amino acids, and will be absorbed more slowly than a fast acting whey protein isolate. Smart Protein and Smart Protein Plant is the perfect addition to your breakfast favourites and to kickstart your protein intake. You could simply mix it into a shake or get creative, add it to your oats or whip up some delicious protein packed pancakes. Top it with some Smart Nut Butter to bump up the flavour and protein.

Breakfast is a great time to take your daily vitamins, as many vitamins and minerals are absorbed better when taken with food. Our Advanced Multi-Nutrient has 21 vitamins and minerals chosen to support your health and well-being. Not forgetting the all important Vitamin D3 and omega 3 fatty acids. Benefits of each are well documented.


Depending on the time of day you train, you may choose to have a serving of protein before your workout. PhD Whey Protein Isolate or Pharma Whey HT+ are both good choices as they are absorbed quickly.

Fire yourself up for training with a good pre-workout – PhD Burn gives you that much needed caffeine boost whilst helping to utilise fat as fuel, great if your looking for a leaner look.


If your training sessions are long or intense, support your body with an intra workout supplement containing hydrating nutrients, amino acids, and fast-absorbing protein. PhD Intra BCAA+ combines instantised BCAAs with CocoMineral™ coconut water extract, hydrolysed whey isolate, and key nutrients for a refreshing mid-session boost and a head start on recovery.


Get a decent post-workout meal in as soon as possible after training. If you know you won’t be able to eat a solid meal for a couple of hours, pack a protein shake and some carbs (in the form of fruit or rice cakes), or one of our insanely tasty Smart Bars which have 20g protein per bar.

Or make it extra-easy for yourself and just have an all-in-one protein shake to give your body what it needs after a tough workout. PhD Synergy ISO-7 has 40g of protein, 17g of carbohydrates, creatine, peptide-bonded leucine, and zinc – and it’s so convenient to drink on your way back from the gym.


By bedtime, your body should be hydrated and well-fed with nutrient-dense foods. If you need another serving of protein before bed, choose a slow-release protein like PhD Whey Meal, a blend of whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate and soya protein isolate giving you 37g protein per serving to help your body recover as you rest. Ensure you get a great night sleep with PhD ZMA capsules. One capsule 30 minutes before bed and let the formula work its magic so you wake up feeling refreshed ready to take on the day.

your 24-hour supplement guide


Nicola is a specialist freelance copywriter for the fitness industry @thefitwriter