PhD Starter Pack

PhD Starter Pack

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  • x1 Diet Whey Protein Powder 500g
  • x1 Smart Bar Variety 6 Pack
  • x1 Stainless Steel Shaker
Product Information

The PhD Starter Pack contains two of our bestselling products for you to try along with a Stainless Steel Shaker

What is Diet Whey?

Diet Whey is a high protein, low carb, low calorie protein shake that assists fat loss.

Diet Whey has been & still is the market leading product of its kind. Offering 13 exceptional flavours you are spoilt for choice with Diet Whey.

What is Smart Bar™?

Smart Bar™ is a delicious high protein, low sugar snack.

Smart Bar™ contains a super-soft protein centre that is coated in gooey caramel and protein crispies which truly delivers that satisfying crunch texture when you take a bite. If this wasn’t enough, the smooth chocolate coating really does replicate a true confectionary bar taste whilst keeping your macros intact.

Nutritional Information

Please see individual products for more information.


Please see individual products for more information.

Directions For Use

Diet Whey Protein

Diet Whey can be used at any time however it’s preferred usage which is evident from its large following is part of a smoothie which can be used for breakfast or in between meals throughout the course of the day.

Smart Bar™

Smart Bar™ can be used whenever you wish! Due to the fact it is highly convenient you can take it with you anywhere.