Pre and Post Lean Muscle Building stack

Pre and Post Lean Muscle Building stack

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Building lean muscle is a goal that most of us seek at one stage or another when we enter a gym to lift weights. Whether we ultimately train for strength, function, performance or aesthetics, adding slabs of lean muscle is of huge benefit.

The PhD lean muscle building pre and post workout stack consists of the world famous Whey Protein formula: Pharma Whey HT+and another of the awesome new “need state” pre workout formulas, Pre WKT BURN. 

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Consuming quality, fast-acting Whey Protein after a serious workout is now written in folklore- it’s accepted that if you don’t do it, you aren’t playing with the big boys. Pharma Whey HT+ is one of the nations favourite Whey Protein products and has been delivering results since 2006. Now even better and formulated with grass fed whey protein, Pharma Whey HT+ delivers an amazing tasting Whey Protein complex that mixes easily and helps fatigued muscles recover and repair from the damage created in the gym.

PhD are the only brand in sports nutrition to add peptide bonded Leucine peptides to our Whey protein product, which sets the Pharma Whey HT+ apart from the usual, generic online brands supplying whey as a commodity. Pharma Whey HT+ is designed and formulated with results in mind. Leucine is an extremely important BCAA, in fact it's so key to your muscle building progress that it's often called the ""anabolic amino acid"".

Pharma Whey HT+® is also soya and gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.

But first, the PRE

However, before we enjoy the benefits of Pharma Whey HT+ we have to ensure we have destroyed the muscles in the gym, to provide us with the environment for Pharma Whey HT+ to work it’s muscle building magic.

PhD Pre-Wkt BURN is a high energy pre-workout drink to be consumed before any serious fat burning exercise or high intensity weight training. Pre- WKT BURN has been scientifically formulated to increase thermogenesis and metabolic rate during high intensity training and it delivers big time. Delivering fully dosed levels of all major ingredients, Pre-Wkt BURN most importantly delivers the correct amount of the research driven and hugely impactful TeaCrine® (1,3,7,9-Tetramethyluric acid).

Along with the naturally sourced TeaCrine®, Pre WKT BURN also delivers Branched Chain Amino acids, vital for the user who wishes to train upon waking on an empty stomach and needs to protect against muscle loss. Completing Pre-Wkt BURN is 225mg of caffeine per serving, L-Carnitine, L-Tyrosine and CLA.

Pre-Wkt BURN is designed for men and women embarking on high intensity fat burning workouts to build a lean and aesthetic physique, such as H.I.I.T, intense weight training, metabolic circuit training and intense cardio.

So if you are serious about building lean muscle, serious about getting in shape all year round- this is the stack for you.

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