Protein Superfood Squeezy 8 x 130g

Protein Superfood Squeezy 8 x 130g

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High Protein
Natural Flavours

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Key Benefits
Ready to drink smoothie
20g protein/serving
Low in sugar
Key Benefits
Ready to drink smoothie
20g protein/serving
Low in sugar
Product Overview

Why Choose?

  • 20g plant protein / 5.2g sugar / 5.5g carbs
  • 175 calories per sachet
  • Suitable for vegans


What is Protein Superfood Squeezy?

Protein Superfood Squeezy is a natural, ready to drink protein smoothie.

Who is Protein Superfood Squeezy for?

Protein Superfood Squeezy is for those seeking clean protein & energy whilst on the go. As Protein Superfood Squeezy’s protein source derives from pea protein, it’s an ideal snack for vegans, vegetarians or flexitarians who may simply want a varied source of protein.

The Benefits of Protein Superfood Squeezy

Protein Superfood Squeezy is firstly highly convenient in it’s squeezy format with screw top. Enjoy our Protein Superfood Squeezy and have the option to save some for later if you wish! Protein Superfood Squeezy is naturally made with water, coconut milk & mango and banana pure.

Suggested Use
Directions For Use

Protein Superfood can be used at any time of the day.

Nutritional Information
Suitable For
Gluten Free
Soya Free
GMO Free
Palm Oil Free
Dairy Free
Nutrition Stats


Typical Values Per 100gPer 130g Sachet 
Energy (kJ) 563kJ 732kJ
Energy (kcal) 134kcal 175kcal
Fat (g) 5.9g 7.7g
Carbohydrate (g) 4.2g 5.5g
Of which sugars (g) 4g 5.2g
Protein (g) 15.5g 20.1g

Water, Coconut milk, Pea Protein, Mango Puree, Banana Puree Acidifying agent (citric acid), Stabiliser (Pectin), Natural flavourings, Sweetener (Stevia)

Reviews (13 Reviews)
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I love PhD nutrition vegan protein powder and the bars however not this. It didn’t taste great, was 175kcal with high fruit sugar.

Anushka Cross


Best premixed vegan protein. I fill my suitcase every time I come home. Great taste and texture. Wish I could get PhD products in the US



I like the mango and banana, they both taste nicely together. But they're not as creamy as I remembered from the first time I tried almost two years ago!

Winnie Form Pilates


Tastes horrendous! Not like mango or banana at all. It actually tastes off, think if someone tested it they wouldn’t sell it. Shocking!

Nicola Thomas


Excellent product. I love the flavour.



Tasted absolutely awful. Threw both boxes away after trying 1 packet 🤢😔



Really bad artificial taste. Would not buy again.

Lenka Cajthamlová


This product is unique because it give you a perfect portion size ready made in a easy to drink anywhere pouch, i carry one in my bag to prevent me missing meals, it is free from so many food which sometimes need to be removed from a diet, it gives me the perfect opportunity to control my blood sugar, it’s very easy to digest, gives me an easy way to maintain a controlled protein intake with out having to drink loads, it’s does taste a little bitter but it’s so easy to drink! It has been life changing for me..

Deon Winter


Quite possibly the worst taste I have ever experienced, I had to check the use by date cause I thought they had gone off. I emailed and expressed my concerned at the vileness if these but was told that personal taste can not be taken into account for refunds. These are going in the bin which is a shame because I love other phd products and buy them regularly and would definitely recommend the shakes and protein bars!

Manda Hartley


Average taste, can be a bit too thick if used when riding.

Chris S


Great flavor, good amount of protein and gives you enough energy to keep pushing hard during your workout.



Personally it isn’t for me. I did not agree with the taste! I’m sure it would be lovely for some! I’d stick to making it yourself or having a bar

Amelia Beer


Excellent product, only one like it out there.