Performance Bundle

Performance Bundle

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Performance Bundle
Performance Bundle

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    • Pre Workout is great before intense workouts to increase your fat burning ability
    • Whey 365 is both high protein and low in sugar
    • BCAA helps preserve muscle tissue during hard training
    Product Information

    What is Pre Workout BURN?

    Pre Wkt Burn is one of our 3 pre-workouts that have been tailor made for specific performance goals. Pre Wkt Burn is specifically made to deliver serious focus & energy before intense spells of activity or fasted cardio.

    What is Whey 365?

    Whey 365 is a high protein, low sugar blend designed to support your daily protein throughout every day of the year. Each 50g serving provides 37g protein sourced from a combination of Whey Protein Concentrate, Milk Protein Concentrate, and Soya Protein Isolate and has less than 2g of sugar.

    What is Intra BCAA+?

    Intra BCAA+ is a unique and innovative branched chain amino acid drink formulated with Instantised BCAAs, CocoMineral™ Coconut Water Extract, Hydrolysed Whey Isolate, L-Glutamine and Vitamin C.

    Nutritional Information

    Please see individual products for more information.


    Please see individual products for more information.

    Directions For Use

    Pre Workout BURN

    Pre Wkt Burn should be consumed roughly 15-20 minutes prior to intense workout. Simply add 1 fully dosed scoop to a shaker & mix with 200ml water.

    Intra BCAA+

    Intra BCAA+ is designed to be used during any kind of workout to help increase branched chain amino acid intake and replenish electrolyte stores.

    Whey 365

    1 serving: add 1 scoop (25g) to 175ml ice cold water or milk and shake well for 10 seconds. Can be taken before or after a workout.