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Explore PhD Bundles this Festive Period 

Everyone’s struggling to comprehend how we’re back here again, but believe it or not, it is Christmas time! After a year of seeing your family and friends smash their goals, what better way to gift them than with more fuel to push on for bigger and better things in 2024? Discover which of our great value bundles are perfect to gift to that friend or family member or add to your Christmas list this year. 

1. Gym Bag Essentials £36.50 – Premium shaker 650ml, 500g Protein Powder, Charge Pre-Workout. 

There’s always one who is an “essentials only” person. No time for any messing around. Simply – get pumped for the workout with some Charge All-in-One Pre-Workout, smash the session, then recover with the right amount of protein powder in a premium shaker. Lucky for them, these three things are exactly what make up our Gym Bag Essentials bundle. Just keep all three in your bag, no need to take them out, and that’s your gym packing sorted without even thinking about it. Merry Christmas! 

2. Lean Muscle Bundle £55.97 – Diet Whey 1kg, Smart Bar 12-pack, Shaker Cup or Hydro Flask. 

Ideal for any gym-goer who is looking for lean muscle gains after the indulgence of Christmas food and drink, the Lean Muscle Bundle includes 1kg of Diet Whey, the crown jewel of lean muscle building. Also included are a 12-pack of our renowned Smart Bars, the perfect high protein snack that’s taste is unrivalled and a choice of shaker cup or hydro flask, as who doesn’t need a fresh one of those!   

3. Lean Muscle Plant (V) £59.98 – Diet Whey Plant 1kg, Smart Bar 12-pack, Shaker Cup or Hydro Flask. 

Know someone who swears by a plant-based diet and is all about building lean muscle? If so, you know which one we’re going to recommend. The Lean Muscle Plant bundle packs a 1kg bag of Diet Whey Plant, available in 3 delightfully Christmassy flavours – Belgian Chocolate, Salted Caramel or Strawberries and Cream. As well as this you have a 12-pack of Smart Bar Plant available in 3 flavours, and the choice between a shaker cup or a hydro flask to bottle up this tasty goodness. Plant based options don’t have enough flavour? Not with PhD.  

4. Go Plant (V) £46.97 – Smart Protein Plant 500g, Smart Bar Plant 12-pack, 600ml Protein Shaker. 

You know exactly who the above bundle applies to but need to cut down on the budget slightly? Then go with the Go Plant bundle! With 500g of Smart Protein Plant powder (even available in an Eton Mess flavour!), a 12-pack of Smart Bar Plant and a 600ml shaker, this is your go-to for a plant-based gym goer. Flavoursome options to add to your shaker, and bars for on-the-go, your vegan protein couldn’t be more easily accessible. 

5. Smart Starter Bundle £18.99 – 500g Smart Protein Plant and 600ml shaker. 

Do you know someone or maybe you yourself want to make 2024’s gym New Year’s resolution stick, but not sure where to begin with protein? Ease yourself in with our starter bundle, containing a 500g pack of our Smart Protein, available in 4 delicious flavours, with Salted Caramel being a fan favourite. Paired with a large PhD Shaker Cup ensures those 2024 goals get smashed without a massive price tag. 

6. On The Go £46.97 – Diet Whey 500g, Protein Flapjack+ 12-pack and Shaker Cup or Hydro Flask. 

With lifestyles becoming busier than ever, we all know someone who just can’t sit down. Instead of trying to get them to take a break this Christmas, cut your losses and gift them with the On-the-Go PhD Bundle instead! The key here being our Protein Flapjack+ bar, perfect for people who need a bit more from their usual protein bar, with each flapjack still delivering 19g of protein and packed with oats to fuel them through the day. As well as a 12-pack of these is 500g of Diet Whey, our unique high protein lean matrix, and an accomplishing shaker, makes recovery feel effortless. 

We hope you’ve found the ideal bundle for you or somebody close to enhance the festive season. By merging the holiday spirit with the quality of PhD products, you’re sure to make a winning choice. Wishing you a great festive season full of celebration! 

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