Our Mission

We deliver performance nutrition, to inspire and fuel the performance driven gym goer.

At PhD we believe in everyday performance.

We call it Perform Smart.

Smart thinking is in our DNA at PhD, we live it every day, it’s who we are, it defines us and we know that smart thinking leads to great performance and that performing great defines you. #PerformSmart.

Company History

A Different Approach To Sports Nutrition

PhD was established in 2006 by two serious gym goers on a mission to change the sports nutrition landscape. PhD were desperate to move the sports nutrition market away from such a disingenuous approach and into an area where honesty and reality prevailed. From these small beginnings, PhD is now sold in over 45 countries and is truly a global Performance nutrition brand.

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Quality Guarantee

At PhD we are dedicated to developing high quality, great tasting performance nutrition

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Innovation is at the very heart of the PhD brand, it’s the reason we exist.

From the intelligent and clean packaging, the market-leading taste and formulations based on smart nutritional science, PhD put innovation in taste and results at the very top of our list of things we simply had to do.

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Why PhD Nutrition

The need for honesty was why PhD was born

PhD is here for the everyday performer. Whether it’s your goal to succeed in your chosen sport or just in life in general, we deliver great tasting nutrition for the performance-driven.

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Athletes & Ambassadors

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Perform Smart Zone

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