Build muscle and strength with key nutrition and supplements that optimise muscles for maximum gains.

Building Muscle Mass

 It takes commitment in your training partnered with the optimal nutrition to build muscle mass. Our range of high protein products and supplements are designed to support you to achieve your goals.

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Pushing through and being consistent in training with optimal high protein sources and fuel to ensure muscle growth.

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Longevity in performance and muscle growth revolves around optimal recovery and maximising the recovery window to promote muscle growth.


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Pre, Intra, and Post products that guarantee your body is optimised around the clock to promote muscle growth.

The best protein to fuel your strength workout

Find out how to optimise your fueling strategy to maximise your strength gains.

Creatine: When and How Much to Take

Understand the most popular and widely used sport nutrition supplements in the world.


High calorie & protein mass gainer with creatine & oats.

Synergy the lean, all in one, post workout shake


Synergy is an all in one, it contains a range of different ingredients which offer a variety of benefits. Synergy packs up to 40g protein and 15g carbohydrates and 5g creatine proven to increase physical performance in successive bursts of short-term, high-intensity exercise.

  • 40g PROTEIN / 1.5G SUGAR / 15G CARBS
  • Lean muscle building formula
  • Premium grass-fed whey protein
  • Included peptide-bonded glutamine