Clear Protein

Clear Protein

Looking for your next batch of clear protein? Look no further than PhD Smart Clear Whey isolate. Our range of clear protein drinks are perfect for those looking for a more refreshing, clear and delicious form of protein isolate, without the milky texture and taste.

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Clear Protein

Our range of clear protein drinks still delivers an impressive 20g of protein per serving, with less than 1g of sugar and just 85kcal per serving. These light and refreshing drinks are perfectly designed to not only nourish your body post-workout, but also to rehydrate you after a gym session. 

Discover the benefits of clear whey isolate

Not only is our PhD Smart Clear Whey isolate one of the best-tasting, premium clear protein drinks on the market, it’s also designed to be light and refreshing. It keeps you hydrated throughout the day whilst also supporting the healthy maintenance of muscle tissue.  

Plus, each and every delicious serving is packed with 20g of protein, which is designed to assist your body’s recovery after a gym session for growth and maintenance of muscle tissue. 

Clear protein drinks are clearly the way forward

PhD Smart Clear Whey isolate is perfect for anyone looking to increase their protein intake, either to support the maintenance of muscle mass, or to help build muscle and recover from exercise. If you’re looking for a low-sugar, low-calorie clear protein drink, then our clear whey isolate is the perfect choice for you! 

For a refreshing drink with no creamy taste or texture, simply add a scoop of our clear whey protein powder to 300-400ml of ice-cold water and shake! Leave it to stand for 1 minute before you enjoy its cold, refreshing taste.  

Shop PhD Clear Whey Isolate today

Whether you’re looking for a tasty yet nutritional clear protein powder, or a Keto-friendly protein option, the PhD clear whey protein range has a wide variety of products to suit your needs. 

Choose from whey protein powders, shakes and snacks to supply your body with those all-important amino acids, and discover the benefits of clear whey isolate protein today. 

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