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PhD BundleSupplements
Explore PhD Bundles this Festive Period 
Discover which of our great value bundles are perfect to gift to that friend or family member or add to ...
PhD's Perfect Christmas Gifts
Discover five of our favourite products and accessories that would make an ideal stocking filler to keep the gym bunnies in ...
3 mins
Halloween Vegan Bat Truffles
Give yourself a plant-based treat with our Halloween Vegan Bat Truffles. Ready in just 30 minutes these easy truffles are ...
2 mins
The Rise of the Plant-Based Diet
Plant based diets and veganism has become more popular in recent years, with individuals choosing to follow a vegan or ...
Ross EdgelyTraining
The Benefits of Exercise on Brain & Mental Health
Physical exercise has long been celebrated for its positive effects on physical health, but its impact on mental and brain ...
3 mins
Tom Kemp liftingTraining
Muscle Growth 101
Building muscle is the holy grail for most people, whether you are an avid bodybuilder, professional athlete or someone looking ...
6 mins
Diet WheyNutrition
Why We Need Protein and Knowing your PhD Protein Powder Options 
Why do we need protein? How much should we consume? Why use protein supplements? Which PHD protein should I choose? Read here to ...
Gabby workoutTraining
Gabby Dawn Allen's At-Home Workout Programme
Gabby shows her four-week programme from week to week, revisiting the same the workouts and the same exercises. Read more ...
7 mins

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The Experts
Holly Archer
Holly is a health and performance nutritionist
Josh Beet
Sports & Exercise Therapist Bsc (Hons)
Dr Emily Jevons
PhD in Exercise Physiology & Nutrition, Clean Sport Advisor