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How to make protein pancakes

   Smart protein pancakes


Protein snacks don’t have to start and end with protein shakes! Protein pancakes are the tastiest way to hit your protein macros and enjoy an indulgent treat. And they couldn’t be easier to make at home. Here’s how to create amazing protein pancakes any day of the week. Scroll down for 5 recipes!

Make the best protein pancakes at home


Who doesn’t love pancakes? They’re warm, soft, sweet, and the perfect base for your favourite sweet (or savoury) toppings. If you’ve never made protein pancakes because you think it must involve a lot of mess, time, and trouble, keep reading. We’ve whipped up possibly the easiest ever protein pancake recipes so you can create quick and tasty protein pancakes for breakfast, snacks, or even a sneaky pre-bed treat. What an amazing way to hit your macros and satisfy your sweet tooth!


When to eat protein pancakes


When should you eat protein pancakes? Whenever you want, at least that’s what we say. Here are PhD we are firm believers of enjoying your food, even if you’re dieting for a show or a shoot. Luckily, protein pancakes really are a kind of miracle food, giving you a big protein boost with amazing macros and an unbelievable taste. We dare say they’re even better than the real (non-protein) thing!


Protein pancakes are the obvious choice for a healthy breakfast, especially if you’ve got a slow start or a lazy weekend. But these bad boys can be flipped out in minutes, so they’re a legit option for pre or post workout, snack time, or pre-bed protein dessert.




There are loads of protein pancake recipes out there, but the simplest rely on just a few ingredients (it’s easier to keep an eye on macros that way too). In this article, we’ll give you 5 different options, including one for vegans, one using oats, one with banana, and one using eggs. They’re all high in protein with zero added sugars. Pick the recipe that suits your diet best, or try them all – go on, treat yourself!


Most protein pancake recipes require all or some of these ingredients:

– protein powder (whey is best, plant protein works well too)

– eggs

– oats or oat flour

– mashed banana

– almond flour

– almond milk or oat milk

– baking powder


Toppings for protein pancakes:


– Greek yoghurt

– nuts

– berries

– fresh fruit

– sugar free syrup

– honey or maple syrup

– peanut butter


Use your favourite flavour of protein powder for these pancake recipes. Many people like to use vanilla protein powder as it pairs well with toppings, but you could use banana flavour, fruit flavours, or chocolate protein – there’s no right or wrong here!


Top tip: if the recipe calls for oat flour, don’t rush out to scour the shelves of your local shop. Oat flour is super-easy to make at home, simply put regular oats in a blender and whizz the oats until they grind down into a fine flour (that’s all oat flour is).

Pancake Batter

How do you make protein pancakes


Protein pancakes are so easy to make, in fact they are much easier than regular pancakes because the batter is easier to construct. Gather your ingredients together, find a mixing bowl, whisk, and spatula, get a non-stick shallow pan, and a bottle of spray oil (perfect for cooking pancakes). Then it’s ready, steady, cook!

5 easy protein pancake recipes


Check out these 5 amazing protein pancakes recipes, including vegan and gluten-free options. We’ve listed the ingredients for one moderately-hungry gym goer but feel free to scale up or down to suit your stomach!


 The ultimate easy protein pancakes




25g oats or oat flour

10g coconut flour

25g whey protein powder

1 medium banana (mashed) or use a large one and keep some to slice on top

1 whole egg

A little milk of your choice

½ tsp coconut oil




Mash the banana

Blend all the ingredients in a blender or food processor (you can use a whisk if you want to keep the clean- up to a minimum)

Add only as much milk as necessary for batter texture

Heat your non-stick pan and add the coconut oil so it coats the pan

Pour on the pancake batter and turn the heat down a little

Once one side is cooked, flip the pancake and cook the other side

Once you’ve cooked the pancake, top it with sugar free syrup, peanut butter (you must try PhD Smart Nut Butter!) or whatever your heart desires!

Easy to make protein pancakes

Loaded vanilla whey protein pancakes




25g vanilla protein powder (try PhD 100% Whey in Vanilla Crème)

1 medium banana

1 tbsp coconut flour or oat flour

100ml liquid egg whites

½ tsp baking soda




Using a blender or food processor, mix the dry ingredients together (so the baking soda is distributed)

Then add all the other ingredients

Heat a non-stick pan and spray some spray oil

Add the pancake batter then turn the heat down a bit

Cook the pancake, turning it when one side is done

Top with your choice of toppings!


Top tip: you can make several smaller pancakes instead of one big one


Low carb whey protein pancakes


No bananas, no oats, in fact these easy-peasy pancakes barely have any carbohydrates at all!




25g whey protein powder or plant-based protein powder (try PhD 100% Whey or PhD 100% Plant)

1 whole egg

50ml almond milk

½ tsp baking powder




Mix the baking powder into the protein powder then whisk in the egg and milk (no need for a blender, you can do this with a whisk)

Heat your pan, add spray oil, and pour in the batter

Flip the pancake when one side is cooked

Eat straight away or wrap in foil and take with you as a snack!

Blueberry pancakes

 Vegan plant-based protein pancakes




70g oats

25g plant-based protein powder (try PhD Smart Protein Plant)

½ tsp baking powder

1 medium banana

50 ml almond milk




Mash the banana and add the milk

Combine the dry ingredients

Add the wet and dry together

Heat your non-stick pan and spray it with spray oil

Pour in the batter, and flip the pancake when one side is cooked

Plate up and top with your favourite vegan toppings (did someone say Smart Nut Butter?)

Smart protein pancakes

Gluten-free protein pancakes




1 medium banana

100ml egg whites

25g oat flour

25g whey protein powder

1 tsp coconut flour

Optional: berries



Mix everything together (except the berries, if you’re using them)

Heat your non-stick pan and spray with spray oil

Add the batter (add the berries now if you’re using them) and flip the pancake when one side is cooked (the berries will cook with the second side).



Check out the full range of PhD protein powders – perfect for creating delicious, high protein pancakes.


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