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At PhD, we understand that you want to be at your best every day while maintaining good health, feeling well-rested, and full of energy. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep up with everyday demands, maintain your training regime and get a good night’s sleep at the end of it all.

To help you achieve just this, we created the Life Range; a series of supplements designed to address all of the most integral parts of your mental and physical wellbeing. The Life Range ensures that you have all of your body’s needs met in one simple selection of supplements, allowing you to focus on doing your best each day.

While you should always focus on maintaining a healthy, balanced diet, supplements can be a great way of ensuring you meet your body’s daily requirements for overall health and wellbeing.

Gut Health Brain Health Multivitamins Joint & Bones Sleep Supplements Meal Replacement Immune System

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  1. LIFE - Mind Powder - Blue Raspberry - 300g
    LIFE - Mind Powder - Blue Raspberry - 300g
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  2. LIFE - Complete Powder
    LIFE - Complete Powder
    4 Flavours
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    From €27.99
  3. LIFE - Mind Powder
    LIFE - Mind Powder
    2 Flavours
    From €15.39
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    From €27.99
  4. LIFE - Complete - Vanilla - 840g
    LIFE - Complete - Vanilla - 840g
  5. LIFE - Complete - Coffee Caramel - 840g
    LIFE - Complete - Coffee Caramel - 840g
    Save 20%
    Special Price €22.39 Was €27.99