What are protein powders?
Protein powders are a convenient way of getting more protein into your diet to help support your training goals and fuel your body throughout the day.
Protein shakes are a great way to live a lean lifestyle, as you can reach for a shake and satisfy your cravings while supporting your muscles and enriching your diet with this important macronutrient.
What are protein bars?
PhD protein bars are a high protein snack enabling you to conveniently snack pre workout, post workout, or whenever you fancy throughout the day.
They’ll satisfy your cravings and your sweet tooth without maxing out your calorie intake. Plus, we offer lots of options, including our Smart Bar™ range of low sugar, plant based snacks, plus Diet Whey bars, low calorie options and some delicious flavours.
PhD Smart
The PhD Smart range includes protein bars, protein powder, and vegan protein snacks. They taste deliciously luxurious but are low in calories, plus they are palm oil free, making them an ideal macro-friendly snack for any time of the day.
Diet Whey Low in carbs, our range of Diet Whey protein powder and protein bars are great for any diet plan, supporting your energy needs and enabling you to sport a leaner look.
We offer a huge range of flavours, ensuring our protein powders make some of the best tasting protein shakes out there.
Is protein good for you?
Protein is a macronutrient and your body needs it to stay strong and healthy. Different types of protein are found in your muscles, organs, tissues, hair, nails and skin, plus, it plays a vital part in fueling energy in your body.
Should I have protein before or after a workout?
Research actually suggests that having protein before or after a workout doesn’t make a difference. However, protein plays a key role in rebuilding your muscles and repairing your muscles after a workout, so most people drink shakes or have protein snacks afterwards.
Check out our blog post on finding the perfect pre workout
Do these protein powders and bars help with weight loss?
This depends on your overall diet. If the powders and shakes help you snack with less calories, meaning you go into calorie deficit then yes, they can.

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