All of our best selling protein powders and bars come in a vegan option, perfect for anybody looking to increase their protein intake and fuel their training programme while following a plant based diet. Whether it’s Diet Plant Protein, Smart Protein Plant, or Smart Plant Bars, we’ve got your covered.

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Vegan Products

What is vegan protein?

Vegan protein is drawn from plant based foods that have a high protein content, such as pea protein isolate, chicory root fibre and soya protein isolate.
It can be tricky to get high protein intake while following a vegan diet, so plant based protein powders and bars can be a convenient and tasty way to do so.

What is the best vegan protein?

Our vegan protein products use a combination of plant based protein sources in order to reach a more complete amino acid profile. Animal products are seen as complete proteins, so in order to get a quality vegan comparison, a blend of ingredients is the best option.
Soy is often considered the best vegan source of protein because of its completeness.

What is a good high protein vegan breakfast?

We have a delicious and healthy selection of high protein vegan breakfast recipes over on our blog. Some of the best options include vanilla protein porridge and chocolate caramel overnight oats.

Is vegan protein as good as whey protein?

Whey protein is considered the best because it contains the full profile of amino acids that your body needs. You can also get this full spectrum of amino acids from vegan protein sources, so it is important that you do your research and understand how to include these essential amino acids in your diet.

Is vegan protein complete?

Soybeans, quinoa, buckwheat and spirulina are examples of foods that are considered complete in terms of their protein profile. Some vegan foods are good sources of proteins but don’t contain the full spectrum of amino acids, so combining them is a good option.

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