PhD Life Range

At PhD, we understand that you want to be at your very best every day. To help you achieve this, we have created PhD life, a range of premium, expertly formulated health optimisation products.

From our high in protein, low sugar, plant-based Complete meal solution, and Reset, our night time formula, to Mind, made to support optimal mental performance, we've created a new range to optimise you for life.




Haven't got time to meal prep? NEW Complete Meal Shake.


COMPLETE is a new generation of meal replacement providing a completely plant-based, high protein, low sugar, convenient & nutritious shake. It's super tasty, packed full of 23 key vitamins & minerals and available in four flavours - Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee Caramel and Banana.



We understand that performing at your very best is as much about mental performance as it is physical.


MIND is a research-driven blend of key nootropics, adaptogens & amino acids including Cognizin® citicoline, lion’s mane extract, tyrosine & Pantothenic acid to support your optimal mental performance and help reduce fatigue.

Available in powder and capsules 



We know the importance & numerous benefits associated with quality sleep and aligning to your natural circadian clock.

Reset is a night time formula with amino acids & minerals including L-tryptophan, magnesium & Montmorency cherry which helps you sleep well.


Available in delicious tasting hot chocolate or capsules.


Vital - Supports optimal health & metabolic wellness

Digest - Support healthy gut function