Whether your goal is fat loss or muscle gain, protein plays a major role in your journey. However, choosing the right protein to support your specific needs can often be a challenge.

To help you pick the right protein, we have put together an overview of all our protein powders - giving you a better understanding of the benefits of each and which will best support your goals.

diet wheydiet whey
diet whey textdiet whey text

The original and best diet whey. High protein low calorie shake with added fat burning ingredients to aid fat loss and support lean muscle.

Most suitable for those aiming to maintain or build lean muscle mass with greater emphasis on keeping body fat low.

diet whey LEAN MRP textdiet whey LEAN MRP text

A delicious and balanced meal replacement shake containing a complete blend of vitamins and minerals to support sustainable weight loss.

Most suitable for those seeking a nutritious and convenient low calorie meal in a shake format.

diet whey lean mrpdiet whey lean mrp
smart proteinsmart protein
smart protein textsmart protein text

A deliciously versatile protein powder that can be used in many formats including mousses, shakes, baking & desserts.

Most suitable for those looking to boost their protein intake but with the flexibility of doing so in more ways than just a shake.

smart protein plant textsmart protein plant text

A deliciously versatile plant protein powder that can be used in many formats including mousses, shakes, baking & desserts.

Most suitable for those looking for a great tasting plant based protein powder.

smart protein plant smart protein plant
synergy isosynergy iso
synergy iso 7 textsynergy iso 7 text

All in one lean muscle builder, rich in protein and a blend of carbohydrates with added ingredients including creatine, leucine and zinc to support recovery and nutrient replenishment.

Most suitable for those at the very top of their game who wish to recover optimally following intense physical activity.

Pharma whey ht textPharma whey ht text

Great tasting, high quality whey protein blend with minimal carbohydrates to support lean muscle building.

Most suitable for those seeking lean muscle gains. 

Pharma whey htPharma whey ht
whey isowhey iso
whey iso textwhey iso text

Purest whey protein (82% protein) derived from grass fed cows with very low fat & even lower carbs that tastes amazing.

Most suitable for those looking for a premium protein source with minimal lactose.

whey 365 textwhey 365 text

Delicious high protein, low sugar protein blend designed for both fast and slow release to support recovery through the day and night.

Most suitable for those looking to support the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

whey 365whey 365
advanced massadvanced mass
advanced mass textadvanced mass text

High calorie mass gainer packed with protein, creatine and healthy carbs.

Most suitable for those who are serious about building quality muscle mass.