Serious Mass Gaining Pre and Post Workout Stack

Serious Mass Gaining Pre and Post Workout Stack

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The third and final pre and post workout stack comes in the shape of Pre Wkt PUMP and Advanced Mass.

Product Information

Pre Wkt PUMP is one of the explosive new Pre Wkts from PhD, it is caffeine free, which is a key benefit when trying to accelerate the muscle pump and increase production of Nitric Oxide (NO).

NO is a vasodilator and opens up the blood vessels to allow greater flow of nutrients to the muscle. This is exactly what we want to happen during a workout if we are aiming to increase the muscle pump

Nitric oxide synthase (NOS) is produced through the synthesis of the amino acid Arginine and oxygen and helps deliver NO into the blood stream. What we don’t want at this point is anything that restricts vasodilation (vasoconstriction). Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor and will work against Arginine when trying to create the perfect environment for a muscle pump. A muscle pump is a key indication that the target muscle is being pumped full of blood and nutrients are being transported to the muscle, where they can help deliver muscle growth and repair.


PhD Pre Wkt PUMP: The NO creator and delivery system

PhD Pre-Wkt PUMP contains the latest breakthrough ingredient technology for bodybuilders seeking serious muscle pumps leading to muscle growth activation. Containing over 2g of L-Arginine and Betaine per serving Pre-Wkt PUMP also contains the super-ingredient L-Norvaline.

L-Norvaline is an isomer of the BCAA Valine and has been positively linked to aiding blood flow due to its potential ability to inhibit Arginase. Arginase is an enzyme that breaks down and removes Arginine from the body. Arginine (as we know) is considered extremely important to nitric oxide production, which is vital to the muscle pump.

PhD Pre-Wkt PUMP also contains brand new Oxystorm®, considered the powerhouse of nitrate delivery. Oxystorm® is derived from Amaranthus, considered one of the highest sources of dietary nitrates ever discovered with nitrates considered to be a vital source of NO. Pre-Wkt PUMP not only contains Oxystorm® to drive nitrate supply, but in addition also contains 250mg of beetroot extract per serving.

How it works in a nutshell.

You can see the picture that is being put together to explain how Pre Wkt PUMP can be massively effective at optimising your muscle pump in the gym:

Step 1- Arginine to synthesize NOS.

Step 2- L-Norvaline to help reduce the removal of Arginine (so we can make the Arginine work harder for us)

Step 3- Oxystorm® and Beetroot extract to deliver naturally occurring nitrates to help produce more NO.

So we can increase production of NO, deliver more NO to the muscle and decrease the amount of NO that we waste. That is the perfect environment for a muscle pump and that’s what Pre Wkt PUMP delivers.

Post workout Mass Gaining.

After we have delivered the skin-splitting pumps during our workouts, we are going to want to be ensuring we deliver large amounts of protein and carbs to your muscles within 15 minutes of completing your session. Advanced Mass is tailor-made for hard gainers and body builders embarking on a lean mass building phase, whereby the goal is to build mass and strength to develop more muscle tissue, before either embarking on a cutting phase or continuing on the mass gain path.

Advanced Mass is a serious mass gaining shake, it contains over 150g of triple speed carb blend per 300g mega serving and almost 50g of protein. The carb blend is comprised of Oats, Waxy Maize and Maltodextrin to deliver immediate glycogen replenishment and sustained recovery post workout. The whopping 50g of protein contains Whey Protein Isolate, Micellar Casein and Whole Egg sources, delivering a superb fast and slow protein blend.

It’s vital to consume liquid protein and carbohydrates within 15 minutes of completing an intense weight training session. If you find it difficult to add quality muscle mass and gain mass and strength, then the post workout window is a huge opportunity to make serious gains.

Advanced Mass is a super clean, high calorie mass gain shake, designed to deliver post workout muscle growth and high-quality calories to all serious trainers.


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